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Omar Strong wins 2019 3-Point Contest
 June 30, 2019          By Sean Brunson          Share:

Ladies and gentleman, we have our Three-Point Contest Champion, and as expected, his name is Omar Strong. The self-proclaimed Top 5 shooter in the world claimed the 3-Point crown while thrilling the crowd with a score of 25 (highest possible score is 30) in both the first round and the championship round of the contest.

Strong’s as expected great championship round was made possible by a stretch of 9-straight makes out the gate. Yet, that pales in comparison to his streak of 12-straight makes he had in the first round! That was the second longest streak of made shots in event history, behind only Dishawn Bradshaw's legendary performance in 2016 (15 straight makes). That followed a separate streak of seven straight makes over the first and second racks. His 25 output could’ve been 26, but with the title already won Strong decided to toss up his last 3-Point attempt with his left hand (he also did this in the first round). While the fan favorite Omar Strong came away with the victory, second-place finisher Kam Williams was not far behind with his championship round score of 22.

Williams put up a score of 23 in the first round to earn a trip to the finals, but he was bested in that round as well by Strong’s score of 25 points.

Strong’s shootout victory may be his first of many as the Brunson League plans on making this an annual event. Seven competitors took part in the shootout, including Baltimore Zoo teammates Jamel Artis and Devante Wallace, this year’s leader in 3-point percentage (Antonio Wright) and fan favorites B.J. Smith and Davon Usher.

Missing in action was the winner of the only other Brunson League 3-Point Contest (2016) Dishawn Bradshaw. In both the first and second round Strong chose the top of the key as his hotspot (worth two points instead of one), he certainly took advantage of his selection going 9-for-10 from his chosen hotspot during the competition.


• Jamel Artis, Baltimore Zoo
• B.J. Smith, DMV Warriors
• Omar Strong, Family & Friends Inc.
• Davon Usher, Heart Over Hype
• Devante Wallace, Baltimore Zoo
• Kam Williams, The Agents
• Antonio Wright, The Agents

WINNER: Omar Strong

Round One

• Davon Usher: 13
• Jamel Artis: 14
• Antonio Wright: 15
• B.J. Smith: 16
• Devante Wallace: 22
• Kam Williams: 23
• Omar Strong: 25


• Devante Wallace: 20
• Kam Williams: 22
• Omar Strong: 25

Official Release: Strong, Williams, and Artis headline 3-Point Contest

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