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H.O.O.D. MOVEMENT (57) 1-1
MBK (55) 0-2 BOX SCORE>>>

H.O.O.D. Movement took a tough L opening day to Team Dream 69-76 despite a 28 point (8 three pointers made) effort from Omar Strong. In Sunday’s week 2 matchup against MBK they were in serious danger of starting their 2018 Brunson League summer 0-2, but Omar Strong decided he wasn’t having that! Down 54-55 with 1.3 seconds left on the clock Rocky Coleman inbounded the ball to Strong; catch, turn, fadeaway corner trey ball over 3 defenders...bottom of the net! 57-55 H.O.O.D. Movement wins! Catch Omar and his squad this Sunday at 4:00PM against Focus Music.

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