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Media Credential Application
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Please be advised:

Media will not be allowed inside the gymnasium until they have received an APPROVAL e-mail from the Brunson League & have been given their credentials by phone.

Filming/photographing is permitted at all times, but film/photos displaying the league in a negative way is to be deleted immediately. This includes fighting, smoking, alcohol consumption, possession of weapons, offensive behavior, obscene gestures, and more.

Photos may not be sold or used for advertorial purposes without the Brunson League’s consent.

By requesting a media credential, you agree to all terms and conditions set forth.

The Brunson League holds the right to approve, deny, or revoke any and all assigned credentials at any time for any reason.

Credentials are assigned per person, and should not be transferred to another media member or non-media persons, or it will be revoked.

Thank you for submitting the Brunson League media credentials application form. You will receive a response from us via email shortly.

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