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February 22, 2018          By Kendall Hilton (Fan-i Sports) 

Today, Wooter Apparel and the Brunson League have officially unveiled the new uniforms for the 2018 season. The uniforms are part of the league’s new creative operation that will benefit players and fans alike. Brunson League star, and one of Baltimore’s favorite sons, Terry Hosley tested an early version of the uniforms and provided league commissioner Sean Brunson with his opinion of the new designs and functionality.

“I feel like the jerseys are more professional for one,” says Hosley. “Players like putting on better wear, some just to feel better, some wanna match and take pictures lol...but upgrading the jerseys also make players feel better about paying their money to participate. So all in all I love how dope they look and it’s a big plus that its reversible.”

This is a major change from the basic reversible practice jerseys with non-reversible shorts that have been used the past four years.
The uniform is made with 100% polyester and each team’s uniform will be revealed leading up to the start of the 2018 season which is the Brunson League’s 5th year anniversary.

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