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Carr, Miles, and FOE hand The Agents their first loss 83-69
 June 23, 2019          By Sean Brunson          Share:







Q                  1       2     3      4     Total

FOE            19    21    18    25      83

AGENTS    16    17    15     21      69




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Baltimore, MD -- The Agents (3-1) entered Sunday’s game of the week as one of the remaining unbeaten teams in the league. They exited the game with a reminder that FOE (3-1) is a Brunson League powerhouse for a reason.

Former Dunbar/West Virginia star Daxter Miles scored 25 points for FOE, grabbed 5 rebounds, and played lock-down defense like all guards that graduate from “Press Virginia” are known to do. FOE assistant coach Dino Woodard notified Dax about the show that The Agents star guard Kam Williams (MSJ/Ohio State) put on last week scoring 31 points in the first half.

Daxter, with some help in the form of double teams from his FOE teammates, held Kam to 10 points and 4/10 from the field. As if the stellar defense from FOE wasn’t enough, a familiar face led them in scoring.

Aquille Carr scored 34 points , dished out 6 assists, and had 3 steals to lead FOE to victory. In true Crimestopper fashion his performance was one you can add to his highlight reel of dazzling crossovers and amazing layups as he dashed full speed to the basket appearing to be a blur at times.

Antonio Wright (19 points) and Evan Singletary (16 points) led The Agents in scoring, but it was nowhere near enough to keep them unbeaten. 

There will be no regular season Brunson League games this Sunday as we’ll have our annual Brunson vs. Pits League battle of the beltway game. FOE’s next game is scheduled to be next Sunday against Game Results (2-2). The Agents are scheduled to be back in action next Sunday against SB Elite (1-3).

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