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All patrons are subject to search prior to entering the Digital Harbor High School lobby/gymnasium. The Brunson League uses standard pat-downs for security measures at all Brunson League games where metal detectors are not readily available. All bags are subject to inspection upon entering the arena.
Digital Harbor High School and the Brunson League reserve the right to refuse the entrance of items which may cause a danger or disruption to the event or to other guests, or which are in breach of building policies and/or the list of prohibited items. Any guest who declines to be searched or is in possession of prohibited items may be denied entry or ejected from the facility. Please reference the Brunson League code of conduct.
The Brunson League consults with local law enforcement agencies on a continual basis. Some of the security measures in place will be apparent to patrons and some will remain unseen and undisclosed.

All guests are subject to search prior to entry. Staff will visually conduct, bag and metal detection or pat-down inspections to detect prohibited items to ensure the safety of all guests. 

• Guests are encouraged to arrive early.
• Use clear bags for easier search.
• Have all bags (and pockets within the bags) open and ready to be searched upon entry.
• Open jackets and remove hats before reaching a police/security officer.
• Remove the following items from pockets – metal objects, keys, phones, electronic devices and cameras.

Fans are not allowed to bring in outside food and beverages (including alcoholic beverages) for any games.

For Brunson League games: Guests are allowed to bring in point and shoot and SLR type cameras. Video recording is strictly prohibited and video cameras, camcorders, Go Pros and Contour cameras are not allowed unless you are an official Brunson League media team member. Monopods, tripods and selfie sticks are also not allowed at Brunson League games unless they are being used by Brunson League official media team members

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