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January 10, 2018          By Kendall Hilton (Fan-i Sports) 

The Brunson League is proud to announce that starting this summer Wooter Apparel will become our official uniform partner starting this summer with the 2018 season. “This partnership between two companies with a true passion for sports, innovation, and community impact is a perfect match,” said Brunson League commissioner Sean Brunson. “Wooter Apparel will be significant in our endeavor to become the #1 summer Pro-Am in the world as we continue to do things that no other Pro-Am summer league has ever done before.”

The deal includes working with Wooter Apparel’s app, Wooter App, which will provide players, coaches, and fans with full game stats as soon as a game ends, immediate updates to standings, and more. “Nothing brings people together better than sports,” said Wooter Founder/CMO Alex Kagan. “As entrepreneurs, our team realized that we can build a better experience...we're sharing our apps and software with the rest of the world. Once you play in a league that uses Wooter, you will never play anywhere else!”

This will not be the first time that the Brunson League has worked with Wooter Apparel, Wooter provided the Brunson League with its uniforms worn in the DC games, one against the Goodman League and the other at the Capital One Arena (home of the NBA’s Washington Wizards) against the P.I.T.S League.

The Wooter Apparel logo will be on the front and back of all Brunson League uniforms.

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